Stewart Tomassian, Lumoid's Next Cheif Drone Nerd :)

Hello Lumoid team -

Thank you for taking the time to review this page which provides an overview of my experience and eagerness to join your team. With my extensive professional experience flying, filming, and teaching users how to best utilize their drones coupled with my creative skills as a photographer and videographer, I'm confident I would be an asset to your team.

During my time with Enjoy, just as with any startup, I found myself wearing quite a bit of hats. Two in particular required me to hone my content expertise across a wide array of electronic products (including many brands of and models of drones), namely Expert and Content Creator. My role as an Expert required me to know just about everything about our partner products including those produced by DJI to help our customers in turn become experts. I lead educational workshops in addition to my 1 on 1's with clients, and helped the Enjoy creative team create content that could be used across various platforms and channels. We crafted photo, video, and written blog assets to better convey Enjoy's message to name just a few. This grew my professional photographer and videographer skills as well as my business capabilities to produce efficiently, creatively, and timely.

As part of my personal photography business, this experience has translated into my clients' praise of my keen eye for detail, and my creative ability to adapt to specific needs. My work with my clients at Factual, as well as my content creator position at Enjoy, has provided me with many different scenarios to navigate. I work best in an environment that is not afraid of creative expression and encourages growth and exploration, which is why I am truly excited to join the Lumoid team.

If Lumoid is looking for a skilled drone enthusiast with a passion for creating and teaching, I'm the perfect candidate for the role. I'm available at your convenience by email and phone, and look forward to speaking soon.

Kind regards,

Stewart Tomassian

Factual Photography is my freelance website, please feel free to explore it to get a better idea of my creative style and breadth.

As requested, I have included links to a selection of my previous works in order to illustrate my writing capabilities:


Blog Sample

Blog Sample 2

Blog Sample 3

Photo Portfolio

Video Portfolio

As requested, below you will find additional blog concepts I drafted for future posts:

BLOG POST - "How to Create a Dolly Zoom Vertigo Effect with a Drone" (BLOG + VIDEO) - This would show the history of the dolly zoom effect, how it works, and ultimately how to replicate given simple motion changes in video editing.

BLOG POST - “Okay so How Good are DJI’s Safety Features” - Go over the major features that make DJI drones safe, but also explain the extent of how they would be worthwhile and also their potential limitations.

BLOG POST - "3 Ways Your DJI Mavic is More Than a Drone" - Highlight how the Mavic could be simply handheld gimbal for smoother walking shots. The Mavic battery (given the adapter) can be an external usb battery source for charging other important items. You could use your Mavic + remote as a remote camera for security.

BLOG POST - “How to Get Professional Shots when Droning“ - Explain the techniques that make great drone shots stand out from good ones. The focus would be on smooth movements, proper lighting for storytelling, flat profile + color correction, use of automation, foreground and background contrast, being subject oriented.

BLOG POST - "Choosing the right drone for you" - the idea here would be quite simple, help identify what a customer in looking to get out a drone, and then better recommend the right option on the Lumoid website (we could event assemble it as a quiz).

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