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Hey Chubbies,

I was stoked to find out that the photographer position opened up, and am excited in the possibility of joining such an awesome group of people. I feel my 8+ years of photo and video experience, as well as diverse styles and skills have groomed me for this position. Growing up in the scene, I have admired Chubbies  jump on trends, and allowance for creative expression; I hope to also bring my style and flare to the table.

I have been behind a camera for a long as I remember. I started early when I was a kid, usually shooting stop-motion video with my friends. After some professional education and mentorship in high school, I started working as a freelance for personal clients. Throughout college, I refined my skills and created Factual Photography, my photography business I use today. I specialized in event coverage, fashion, long exposure, film, and portrait photography. Most weekends I can be found running around concerts, clubs, and festivals capturing the magic. My clients often praise me for my keen eye for detail, and my creative ability to adapt to specific needs. My experience with my clients at Factual, as well as my content creator position at Enjoy, has provided me with many different scenarios to navigate; I always come out with amazing work. I work best in an environment that is not afraid of creative expression, and one that allows for growth, which is why I will be a perfect fit.

If Chubbies is looking for a skilled photographer, who loves to experiment with many different techniques and styles, then I am the hire without a doubt. I respond quickly to email and phone calls and look forward to speaking soon. I look forward to what we are going to create, it will be badass, I promise.

Kind regards,

Stewart Tomassian

Below I have assembled a portion of my favorite portraits in order to show off my creative style and breadth. The photos below are entirely my work from vision, execution, and production. I use a variety of camera mediums, but most were captured on a Nikon D600, Nikon FM2 (Film), Lecia M9, or Sony A7sII. Although I have years of studio experience, I have found my most successful work to be via natural light with a few external fills. Please feel free to view some other albums on the site to get a better feel for my style.

Full Photo Portfolio

Full Video Portfolio

Fallen Angel - San Francisco - Nikon D600

MANICS - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Bomber Kevin - San Francisco - Nikon D600

The Ladies - San Fransico - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

Proctor - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Wings - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

Boulder does It - Boulder - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

Snoop Dog - Lake Tahoe - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

The Dip - Malibu - Nikon D600

Street Center - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Light Behind - Boston - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

Cloned - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Davey Havok - Oakland - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

Street Corner - San Francisco - Leica M9

Untitled photo

Grandmother - San Francisco - Nikon FM2

Grandfather - San Francisco - Leica M9

Untitled photo

Mimosa - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

Look Right - Woodside - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

Kevin - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Eyes - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

Confusion - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Untitled photo

Ankle Deep - San Francisco - Nikon FM2

Untitled photo

Church Head - San Francisco - Nikon FM2

Flume - San Francisco - Nikon D600

Untitled photo
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