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May 31st: All the Lightning in a Bottle photos are up! I had an absolute blast this year and was so thankful for the experiences, and for all the awesome new people I met. Big shoutouts to Android Jones, Rodriguez Jr,  Nicole Moudaber, Duchess, and SFStation for hiring me and making this possible. I'm looking forward to next year! Please throw me that photo credit if you repost!







April 26th: New Self Portrait 

March 22th: Here's a few time lapse shots from my trip to Boulder

March 15th - Shoot with Mayra AKA @hoodreamzzz

March 12th - Nina in the Cave - Short video I made in SF with one of my favorite people, Nina.

March 6th: Check out the music video I shot of MANICS for DIM MAK Records! 

Feb 8th: I felt like making a personal project, so I challenged myself to shoot and edit a little video all last night.

Sept 9th: Photos from Oregon Eclipse 2017 are up!

Sept 7th: If you are getting the post-summer blues, check out my refreshing video of Sahalie Falls near Bend Oregon. 

July 13th: Made a little video while walking Tally with my roommate. I like it.  

May 8th: CHAINSMOKERS!!!!!

April 1st: Tenth Mountain Division photos are up 

March 27th: Photos from Big Wild are up, thanks again to SFSTATION for hooking it up! 

March 10th: Just a few shots of Chris and Jordan of MANICS from last night. 

Jan 24th: Photos from Dirtybird Quarterly are up!

December 31st: Photos from my trip to Germany are up, it was a fantastic trip!

Sept 24th: Flume photos are up, I am quite proud of these :) 

May 6th: I made a video of my weekend at Coachella, check it out :) 

Mar 6th: Check out Tycho photos from 1015 on Friday. Big thanks to SFStation as always for sending me out! 

Jan 4th: SnowGlobe 2015 photos are up. Special thanks to SFStation.com 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Nov 18th: Photos from my trip to Boulder

Nov 1st: Ghost Ship Photos are up!

Sept 14th: Just a few photos from this past Labor Day.

August 28th: Work at ENJOY has been super busy. Here are a few shots from OSL Weekend with some of the friends. 

May 4th: Seven Lions photos are up! Thanks to SFStation, check them out!

April 19th: alt-J and Tycho photos are up! Check them out below. Thanks to SFStation, check them out!

March 31st: Getting pumped up for Lightning in a Bottle 2015! Who's ready?

March 20th: 2015 Oakland Beer and Bacon Festival 

February 3rd: Sketchfest 2015 Photos!

Sept 2nd: Photos from Sunrise 2014 are up, check them out here!

Aug 28th: I added a travel folder, here's photos from this summer






July 11th: Check out my boy Fritz Carlton at Go Deep @ DNA Lounge

May 13th: Kill the Noise with Mat Zo Photos are up! Check it .

May 2nd: Bro Safari Photos are up!


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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