Factual Photography

April 26th: New Self Portrait 

March 22th: Here's a few time lapse shots from my trip to Boulder

March 15th - Shoot with Mayra AKA @hoodreamzzz

March 12th - Nina in the Cave - Short video I made in SF with one of my favorite people, Nina.

March 6th: Check out the music video I shot of MANICS for DIM MAK Records! 

Feb 8th: I felt like making a personal project, so I challenged myself to shoot and edit a little video all last night.

Sept 9th: Photos from Oregon Eclipse 2017 are up!

Sept 7th: If you are getting the post-summer blues, check out my refreshing video of Sahalie Falls near Bend Oregon. 

July 13th: Made a little video while walking Tally with my roommate. I like it.  

May 8th: CHAINSMOKERS!!!!!

April 1st: Tenth Mountain Division photos are up 

March 27th: Photos from Big Wild are up, thanks again to SFSTATION for hooking it up! 

March 10th: Just a few shots of Chris and Jordan of MANICS from last night. 

Jan 24th: Photos from Dirtybird Quarterly are up!

December 31st: Photos from my trip to Germany are up, it was a fantastic trip!

Sept 24th: Flume photos are up, I am quite proud of these :) 

May 6th: I made a video of my weekend at Coachella, check it out :) 

Mar 6th: Check out Tycho photos from 1015 on Friday. Big thanks to SFStation as always for sending me out! 

Jan 4th: SnowGlobe 2015 photos are up. Special thanks to SFStation.com 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Nov 18th: Photos from my trip to Boulder

Nov 1st: Ghost Ship Photos are up!

Sept 14th: Just a few photos from this past Labor Day.

August 28th: Work at ENJOY has been super busy. Here are a few shots from OSL Weekend with some of the friends. 

May 4th: Seven Lions photos are up! Thanks to SFStation, check them out!

April 19th: alt-J and Tycho photos are up! Check them out below. Thanks to SFStation, check them out!

March 31st: Getting pumped up for Lightning in a Bottle 2015! Who's ready?

March 20th: 2015 Oakland Beer and Bacon Festival 

February 3rd: Sketchfest 2015 Photos!

Sept 2nd: Photos from Sunrise 2014 are up, check them out here!

Aug 28th: I added a travel folder, here's photos from this summer






July 11th: Check out my boy Fritz Carlton at Go Deep @ DNA Lounge

May 13th: Kill the Noise with Mat Zo Photos are up! Check it .

May 2nd: Bro Safari Photos are up!


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Photo Highlights: